Tips to Keep Your Bed Room Free of Allergens

Tips to keep your bedroom free of allergens abound, but not all of them are helpful. Many people mistakenly think that if they use the right mattress and curtains, they’ll be completely safe from airborne allergen particles. While it’s true that these things can’t be completely removed, they can be minimized. A mattress with a moisture barrier and a ventilation system can help prevent dust mites and other microscopic allergens from settling on your bed and in your personal belongings. And by keeping the allergens you’re exposed to out of reach of your lungs by using an air filtration system in your bedroom, you’ll also be protecting yourself and those in your home from all kinds of respiratory distress caused by these irritants.

However, keeping your bed free of allergens doesn’t mean that you have to stay closed up while you sleep. In fact, some allergens are actually easier to spread around than they are to remove. For example, mold spores are very small and nearly impossible to avoid if you don’t live in a damp, humid environment. On top of that, the mold that is airborne during a mold outbreak can be breathed in by anyone in the room who hasn’t closed the door or window tightly. Even if you do close your windows, mold spores can easily move in the air until they find a wet surface to rest upon, like your bed frame or your couch.

So, while keeping your bedroom free of dust, dirt, and allergens sounds great in theory, it’s often not enough. In most cases, a combination of air filtration and effective HEPA filters will do the trick. You should also consider getting an air purifier in your home doesn’t already have one, as they’re often less expensive than regular air purifiers.

It might seem obvious, but you need to change out of your sheets regularly. Dust mites live in and on all sorts of fabrics, including silk and cotton. They’re tiny white insects that are attracted to the oils and sweat produced by your skin. If you have them, they’ll cluster on the bed and in your mattress, and they can make for an extremely uncomfortable and unhealthy situation.

In addition to keeping your bed clean and fresh smelling, you should also vacuum your bed on a regular basis. Dust mites live in bedding materials, so if you want to get rid of them and minimize allergies, you need to take the proper steps. Vacuuming your bed at least twice each week is a good start, but don’t forget to wash your sheets and mattresses as well. Fresh air and sunlight can also help.

In addition to treating the symptoms of allergies, you may want to consider allergy relief. Allergy relief can be found in many forms. There are special shampoos and other products available to treat allergies. You may also want to think about a switch to an all natural, hypoallergenic diet. With the right treatment, you can learn how to control your allergies and live with much less stress and anxiety.

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