Bathroom Renovation Trends You Must Apply In Your Own Home

Regardless of its size, your bathroom should be a retreat of sorts. For example, you can focus on the charm of a small space by putting in bold wallpaper or a spacious bathroom layout can be filled with a soothing white color palette and complemented by wood accents such as a teak stool.  A fluffy bathmat can also be used to help in creating a spa-like atmosphere.

Introduce chic accents such as colorful window treatments, low-maintenance plants and plush towels to get a picture-perfect bathroom that provides the serenity needed to start and end the day. Below are some bathroom trend recommendations from Sleek Bathroom Renovations that you can use in your home:

Bathroom Suites

Primary suites and larger bathrooms will remain a trend. With more and more individuals now working from home long-term, homeowners desire a way to get away and this can be accomplished via a primary suite.  Gold-tone fixtures are becoming more easily available, and their popularity are expected to continue to increase. While linked to the boho look, these suites can work well with both modern and traditional aesthetics.

Create a Spa-like Environment

A number of individuals would like the bathroom to be a sanctuary.  As such, keeping things calm in this space is highly desired.  Typically, bathrooms are smaller and not designed for a whole lot of clutter; therefore, individuals will prefer to keep them simple to create a relaxing space.

Bringing Nature Inside

It is no secret that nowadays plants are becoming more and more popular in-home design. This does not exclude bathrooms.  Apart from plants having a great appeal as a finishing touch, using plants can be quite dynamic in a bathroom. It has air-purifying benefits, has a sustainable approach and allows you to beautifully connect with nature. There will be more biophilic design to produce a spa-like feel inside bathrooms.

Using Vintage Furniture to Decorate

A surprise layer of visual impact is added to the bathroom via a vintage piece of furniture. A vintage armoire, chest of drawers or sideboard can be used as the base for a double sink vanity. It can bring weight and interest to the new bathroom.

Updated Sink Area

There has been heightened focus on the value of washing hands over the last few years.  More thought has been placed into hand-washing and therefore, more consideration has been placed into hand-washing and overall hygiene spaces.  As such, faucets are among the most popular bathroom upgrades.  Sinks are seeing more switch-outs as well.  Homeowners can increase functionality while making their bathrooms more stylish and inviting. To create a more hygienic space, homeowners can install a touchless faucet and be right on trend.

Multiuse Storage

The longing for well-functioning spaces is pushing many people to rethink current layouts in their homes.  A significant motivator for this type of change is access to storage.  Linen closets inside the main bathroom is a highly desired feature of homebuyers. Experts have predicted that the next three years will see the opening up of bathroom layouts to include closets, dressing areas and even laundry rooms.

Integrated Technology

With the increasing popularity of features like touchless faucets and smart toilets, technology is constantly integrated into bathroom designs to amplify efficiency and comfort.  Mobile apps, wall-mounted digital interfaces, heated floors and tech-savvy shower controls are among the top bathroom technological trends you can consider using in your space.

Bath ventilation upgrades are also popular bathroom trends. Steam-sensing and humidity-sensing exhaust fans are popular investments that sustainably and practically replace older ventilation.  These fans work without the homeowner having to be bothered with turning them on or off.


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