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Frolic Goats Hostel is not only about accommodation!

You can't be bored in Poznań with us. It doesn't matter whether you're coming alone or with friends we can organize your free time!

Hawaii massage

Comforting massage based on aromatic oils that make you feel relaxed

60 min - 119PLN

Classic massage

Classical massage – the most common massage technique for individual muscle groups, and for the whole organism. The basic techniques of this massage are 4 ways of action: stroking, kneading, vibration and rubbing. Feel the power of hands!

60 min - 119PLN (whole body)


45 min - 89 PLN


Hot chocolate massage

The Chocolate Massage combines pleasure and the aroma of real chocolate for a light, unique and guilt-free massage experience.

60 min - 119 PLN



Dou you like adrenaline? Dark maze of tunnels + a group of friends = unforgettable thrill of fear and pleasure.

Different locations to choose (also underground)

How many people?  6 or more

Price: 60PLN per person


Visit the stadium

Come and see stadium that was a part of the Euro Championship in Football. You can see the VIP room, press stands or the museum of local team Lech Poznań.

How many people? 20 or more

Price: 10PLN per person


Guided tour of the city

Poznań is one of the oldest and most interesting places in Poland. There are hidden gems here but our experienced guides will dig it for you!

How many people? at least one

Price: 50PLN/ depends on the size of the group


Horse riding

Have you ever been horse riding? No? Thanks to us you've got an opportunity to learn how to ride. Of course with professional instructor.

How many people? at least two

Price: 50PLN per person


Shooting range

Do you want to check your shoot accuracy? Using famous AK-47 rifle? It's possible with us.

How many people? at least two

Price: 50PLN per person


Kart racing

Do you want to feel speed and check your manoeuvring skills? Bring your friends and take part in a tournament.

How many people? at least two

Price: 30PLN per person


Tank ride

Fancy a quick ride INSIDE the tank? Russian vehicle T-55 is waiting for you. You can even drive it yourself.

How many people? 5

Price: 1000PLN / 5 people



mail: artur.krawczyk@frolicgoatshostel.com

mobile: 0048 793 498 295

We will contact you as soon as possible.