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About Poznań

panorama old market square Whenever you arrive in Poznań, the capitol of Wielkopolska, you can feel characteristic mix consisting of eastern energy and western style. The city’s Old Town is buzzing thank to numerous pubs, bars or restaurants and all of it’s surrounded by original renaissance buildings. Also nightlife in Poznań gives you the positive feeling of being in the right place. Whereas Poznań is famous for various trade fairs which periodically makes it almost inaccessible to the average traveler if you think about accommodation just a little earlier than usual you can be sure about your bed.

History of Poznań in the beginning of it was just the same as history of Poland. Roots of the Polish nation may be found here and there but nowhere else is it older than here.(foundation of Poznań was over 1000 years ago!). Since then some things obviously has changed but still Poznań is a major cultural and business point on a map of Poland. Poznań offers a bunch of cultural and historical attractions in its city centre but also due to it’s fabulous location it might be considered as a good point to start your trip somewhere around to much quieter surroundings.