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  1. Check in time starts at 2 PM check out till 12AM. If you would like to stay one more night, please contact the reception before 12:00 AM.
    If you have not checked out by 12 and we have other guests waiting for the check in, we have the right to access the room without you being present, pack your belongings and move them to the storage room.
  2. The room fee is paid on the day of arrival. Should you decide to shorten your stay, the hostel's staff is not obliged to return the money for the unused time.
  3. Between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM guests are requested to respect other guests' right to a good nights' sleep - please do not make excessive noise during the night hours, especially if you come back late or leave in the small hours of the morning.
  4. Guest coming back to the hostel in the night hours are oblige prove one's identity.
  5. In the dorms we are renting beds so please be aware of the possibility of having strangers (male or female) as your room mate so secure all personal belongings.
  6. Last person leaving dorm or private room is obliged to check if the doors are locked and to leave the key at the reception, loosing the key will cost you 50 PLN.
  7. Only guests of the hostel (after checking in) are allowed in the rooms, you can meet your guests in the common area
  8. Hostel is not liable for any loss, theft or damage of any items, money or valuables left in the rooms or in the luggage locker
  9. Guests are liable for all damage or loss of hostel property. All the damage done to the building or inventory of the hostel must be reported to the reception in order to establish the amount to be paid in compensation.
  10. Guests are requested to eat meals only in the common area and not in the rooms.
  11. Smoking is strictly forbidden on the premises of the Hostel
  12. If the In-House Regulations are not observed or in case of improper behavior, a guest may be requested to leave the hostel. The amount paid for the stay will not be returned.
  13. Please note, that in the case of no turn-up or cancellation of your stay the advanced money will not be refunded.
  14. The common parts of the hostel are monitored 24 h a day.



We are trying to do our best to provide accommodation on the high level of quality but please bare in mind that you are staying in a hostel, not in a hotel, so the standard might be different. If you have any questions, opinions or claims please let us know so we can take care about it and improve our services.


In all cases not included in these Rules and regarding your stay in the Frolic Goats Hostel - such as the safety of your money and valuables or observing the rules of proper behavior - guests should seek advice and follow the guidelines of the hostel manager or owners.