4 Reasons You Should Get Curtains And Blinds

When it comes to curtains and blinds, some people have a hard time deciding which one to use and why. To add to the confusion, there are people who cannot seem to make a clear distinction between curtains and blinds. People in this category just know that both options serve as window coverings. The truth is there is a world of difference between curtains and blinds. In case you are considering buying these items from a local curtain installer like Spectrum Curtains & Blinds, you should have an idea of the distinguishing features of each one before you place your order. It also helps if you know when to use curtains and when to use blinds.

Differences Between Curtains and Blinds

Curtains are fabrics and they come in different colors and designs. In most cases, they come in pairs but it is also possible to get single curtains. On the other hand, blinds are made from materials like wood, bamboo, vinyl slats and aluminum. Curtains are usually soft materials so they cannot completely block out the light. Blinds are made from solid and opaque material so when the blinds are drawn, they can block out the light completely. Another difference is that curtains can be used for both doors and windows while blinds are associated with windows and rarely found on doors. Now that we know some of the differences between curtains and blinds, let us look at the reasons why you need them in your homes and offices.

Four Reasons You Need Curtains

Curtains Enhance Beauty

One of the best things about curtains is that they add beauty to your home. Curtains are versatile and they come in many different colors and styles. For this reason, you can use them for interior decoration. Just buy the colors that match your furniture and watch the room come alive.

Great for weather Control

Curtains are great window insulation agents. You can use them to keep out the cold in the winter months. You can also open your curtains in the hot summer months to let in air and keep your rooms cool.

Blocks out Lights and Sound

Most curtains block out unwanted light and gives your rooms that cool and classy look. It is also a fact that curtains can block out unwanted sounds by several decibels. This is why they are used in living areas.

Gives Your House a Modern Look

Curtains come in different styles and curtain designs keep evolving by the day. It follows that the right curtain can give your house that modern and sophisticated look.

4 Reasons You Need Blinds

Gives You Privacy

one strong point in favor of blinds is that it provides privacy especially for people who live in apartment blocks. Blinds are opaque and this means your neighbors cannot peep into your rooms once you draw your blinds. Now, this works both ways because you cannot see anything happening in your neighbor’s home if they have blinds on their windows.

Easy to Maintain

Blinds are very easy to maintain because they are not made of fabrics. Unlike curtains, blinds do not require washing and ironing. All you need to clean your blinds is a bit of soapy water and a damp piece of cloth.

Light Control

One huge benefit of window blinds is that you can control the amount of light that enters the room. If you need a bit of light, you can open the blinds slightly. You can also close the blinds completely if you want the room to be completely dark.

Complements Your Interior Décor

You can complement your interior décor with the right blinds. For instance, if you have cane furniture in a particular room, you can opt for wooden blinds because this will blend perfectly with cane furniture or rattan.

Final Word

If you ever have to choose between blinds and curtains, you should go for the one that appeals to your sense of style. However, both options have advantages, and you can even combine them if you like.


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