3 Ways To Improve Your Swimming Pool Safety

On a hot summer day, when the temperature gets inconveniently high and the heat becomes oppressive, a dip in the swimming pool makes a lot of sense. At this time of the year, the pools get crowded, and accidents are likely to happen. This is why it pays to take proactive steps to improve swimming pool safety. If you are not too sure how to go about this, you should consider calling the experts at SF Pool Fence Inspections to give you the right tips. Even if you know exactly what to do about pool safety, the tips below will probably help you in one way or another.

Build A Pool Fence

One of the best things you can do to promote pool safety is to build a fence around your pool. There is no federal pool-fence law (and I think this is a huge oversight) but many states and cities have enacted laws with specific guidelines on fence height and other related specifications. When you build your pool fence, the aim is to keep children, pets and small animals out of the pool. For this reason, the pool fence should be high, and the fence gates must be difficult to breach. This fence should be at least six feet high, and the gates should open outward facing away from the pool and not inwards facing the pool. In cases where you have an above ground with steps or ladders, these two things should be within the fence. This way, kids or unauthorized people will not have access to the pool.

Install An Effective Alarm System

In some states, pool owners are mandated by law to install pool alarms. In case you live in a state where this is not the case, you have to do the prudent thing. Install an alarm system to ensure pool safety. Here, you have two viable options, you can set up an alarm system to alert you when the pool gates are opened. The sound of the alarm might spook the intruder and discourage further encroachment into the swimming pool. In any case, you have been alerted by the alarm so you will definitely take action. Another option is to install an underwater swimming alarm system. This alarm works like a motion sensor and its job is to detect wave activity. With this system in place, this device will alert you when anybody dives into or falls into the pool. States like Tennessee compel pool owners to install this alarm system or else the swimming pool will not be approved.

Have Rescue Equipment and First Aid Kits Nearby

As a pool owner, you are not planning for any unfortunate incidents. However, it pays to be prudent and take all right steps in case the unexpected happens. For this reason, you must have a first aid box nearby. It also helps if you have rescue equipment and all the relevant gear near the pool. These things a life ring and the popular rescue tube (aka life hook or shepherd’s hook). Apart from having these things nearby, you should check frequently to ensure they are in good working order. The same thing applies to the first aid kit. Carry out periodic checks to ensure that all the items that should be in the first aid kit are always there.

Finally, you should discourage the use a diving board and ensure that all items that may cause slip and fall injuries are removed from the swimming pool area. A swimming pool is a great place for fun, a bit of exercise and relaxation. Make it safe and you will enjoy peace of mind.


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